AI-bank, the technology of the banks of the future

AI-bank, the technology of the banks of the future

In the framework of Digital Bank & Insurance Bogotá 2022 experts from different business areas met to talk about the future of digital banking, the new challenges in the sector and the technology that helps them face them.

(Colombian banking is strong in the face of inflation and the political landscape).

The meeting, which was held in person and virtually, presented the collaborative work carried out by Red Hat with financial entities to face the challenges and opportunities proposed by the AI bankthe technology that provides a personalized system for users and provides intelligent experiences since they allow recommending actions, anticipating situations and automating key decisions.

“At Red Hat we create the community based on an open world and Open Source is important because it helps digitally transform banks and the financial sector, as well as their operations. So, we take all the knowledge of the organizations and the development teams and accompany them to build business solutions that help in their transformation process”, explained Jorge Niño, Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat.

With the speed at which technology is advancing, many companies and entrepreneurs are thinking about what to do, for example, with the arrival of 5G networks. “To address situations like this, at Red Hat we pack the tools that live in the Open Source community and help build those solutions that the user needs, according to their needs”, George assures.

(Towards the ‘open society’).

Furthermore, by using AI-bank, it is possible to personalize solutions for clients because each response is relevant and timely. Also, it is based on a detailed understanding of customer behavior and context and expands services across multiple devices and optimizes the experience. Well, “banking must go beyond banking”, says Red Hat Senior Solutions Architect.


smile scan to initiate payment processes, that is going beyond facial recognition.

chatbots for basic service requests and help provide positive user and customer experiences that allow companies to communicate and get closer to customers.

Micro expression analysis to determiner Whether or not it is feasible to make a loan, as it identifies whether the person is nervous or lying. It also helps to identify risks,“We want to minimize risks, that is the reason for what we do”, George assures.

Biometrics by voicevideo impression and to authenticate and authorize.

machine learning to detect patterns of fraud and cybersecurity attack.

humanoid robots in branches to serve customers. A technology that although it is designed for the future, it is necessary to prepare for those challenges.

Computer vision and PLN By scanning and processing documents in this way, it is possible to reduce the risk of forgery.

Real time transactions to streamline the process of each of the transactions.

Entire offering is backed by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9Red Hay’s new base system that was released during the Red Hat Summit.

For end users, the benefits are not minor if one takes into account that they will receive a personalized service based on the analysis of their data and information.

Likewise, you will have personalized solutions for money loans with a portfolio and centralize needs according to your needs and alerts such as payment reminders according to your behaviors.

“To do banking beyond banking, we focus on three key elements: flexibility, scalability and speed, which translates into open hybrid cloud”, George describes.

In this way, it is possible to design open solutions that allow customers to find and then offer products from any type of cloud regardless of whether it is public or private, or where developers run.

In this regard, it is worth clarifying that Red Hat is not just Linux, it’s hardened Linux, and this means that solutions can be deployed for everything. Minimizing risk, ensuring scalability, speed and contributing to the development of digital transformation.

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