Aguilera achieves a conviction against Colonel Campos for the Lima Lobo case and now he is after the police discharge

Aguilera achieves a conviction against Colonel Campos for the Lima Lobo case and now he is after the police discharge

October 17, 2022, 23:21 PM

October 17, 2022, 23:21 PM

Three months of community work, was the sentence received by the police colonel, Jorge Campos López, for the crimes of defamation, slander and insults against the former commander of the Police, General Johnny Aguilera. The sentence was issued by Judge Verónica Mendoza Murillo on Monday afternoon.

“Once the appeal phase is over and we have an enforceable sentence, every Police or Armed Forces servant who is sentenced must be discharged from the institution to which they belong and we are going to go to the last instance”, declared the lawyer, Wilson Echave, who sponsors General Aguilera.

In April 2021 An Interpol report was published stating that General Aguilera had received US$35,000 from the accused drug trafficker, Jesús Einar Lima Lobo. Dorado, the then commander initiated a criminal complaint for this publication and presented the documentary releases.

According to Aguilera’s attorney, the accuser could not prove the existence of that alleged report and on the contrary, they presented the disclaimers of reports on that accusation, they presented the computer records of the entry of correspondence from the General Command itself where that document does not appear.

For the accusing party, it is strange that they dictate that sentence, since presented three witnesses who knew that document and they were not valued by the judge. It is expected that after knowing the reading of the entire sentence, they will present the appeal and then the appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ).

Wilson Echave said that they They will wait for the two resources that the defendant has left and then they will go to the Superior Disciplinary Court of the Police to make known the ruling that may cause the dismissal of Colonel Campos.

assured that Campos filed the complaint with the sole purpose of preventing the rise of Aguilera as Police General, although the police chief had assumed command of the Police since November 16, 2020, almost two weeks after Luis Arce assumed command of the nation.

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