Aguas Andinas calls to ensure the correct use of the sewerage network in Santiago

Faced with the forecasts of intense rainfall expected for Santiago, Aguas Andinas made a call to ensure the proper functioning of the city’s sewerage network, not lifting the covers to evacuate rainwater in the event of possible flooding. Likewise, it reported that the evolution of climatic conditions is being monitored and that it has activated its operational continuity protocols, reinforcing its backup capacity and preventive maintenance work in the city’s sewage network.

In this way, he emphasized that maneuvering the sewer covers can lead to sewage overflowing to the outside and, at the same time, represent a risk to the health and safety of people.

Additionally, Aguas Andinas made a call to maintain the care of this sanitary infrastructure, not throwing diapers, paper towels, wrappers, wet wipes, cotton, rags, masks, acrylic gloves, or any element outside the network into the toilet. In addition, he urged not to throw, through home cameras and in the same collectors, garbage, oils, construction materials or other elements that could generate obstructions and alterations in their correct functioning, also producing overflows on public roads and eventually in homes.

About Infrastructure

It should be remembered that the sewage network is designed and dimensioned only to receive sewage and not rainwater, which must drain through the streets towards the drains built for this purpose and collected by a special network that is not managed by Aguas Andinas. For this reason, the proper use of infrastructure is relevant, especially on days of intense rain such as this weekend.

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