Agro Rural defines this Sunday the company that will provide urea for family farming

Agro Rural defines this Sunday the company that will provide urea for family farming

The (Rural Agriculture), of the reported that this Sunday, June 5, the fertilizer purchase evaluation committee will decide who will be the company that will supply urea to the country, with a view to guaranteeing the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign.

He indicated that the election comes after an intense day of the evaluation committee, whose members had to thoroughly analyze last Saturday, June 4, each of the 22 sales proposals that reached the semifinal stage, after exceeding the requirements stipulated by the group. of work.

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There were 22 intentions or proposals for the acquisition of fertilizers received from foreign companies from the countries, Brazil, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, United States, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, China, Venezuela, Czech Republic and Paraguay, of which three were valid and 19 invalid”, said the executive director of Agro Rural, Rogelio Huamaní.

He added that among the three accepted proposals, there was a company that has presented different plans on two occasions.

Therefore, the evaluation committee is only admitting two proposals that will be evaluated today to define who will be the next supplier of urea in the country.”, he indicated.

On this last day, the committee will have to choose the bidder based on the term for delivery of the fertilizers to the port, as well as its price; in order to acquire the 73,529 tons of pearl urea that the country requires and that will be distributed to the less favored farmers of the national territory.


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