Agreement signed to encourage blood donation

Judith Pena | December 29, 2022

A total of 17,060 units of blood coming exclusively from voluntary donors were collected by the Dona Vida Foundation, at the end of November 2022.

The Foundation reported that it has carried out 770 donation days in companies and different institutions, reaching a 25% voluntary donation for the Dona Vida beneficiary hospitals.

The figures provided by the Dona Vida Foundation were given within the framework of the signing of the collaboration agreement with the National Oncology Institute, Santo Tomás Hospital and the Dr. José Renán Esquivel Children’s Hospital.

According to the Foundation, this alliance will strengthen the commitment between the Foundation and three of the most important hospitals nationwide, to continue working for voluntary blood donation in Panama.

They highlighted that the Dona Vida voluntary blood and platelet donor program (today the Dona Vida Foundation), emerged as a public-private alliance between Fundacáncer, the Felipe Motta Foundation and the National Oncology Institute (ION), in order to increase donation voluntary blood donation in Panama, since the percentage of voluntary donation at the national level is 6%, a figure that cannot satisfy the demand.

With the signing of this agreement, the commitment between the parties is officially formalized, to continue joining efforts with the objective of increasing the voluntary donation of blood and/or blood components at the national level, in line with the objective of the WHO/PAHO to achieve a 100% voluntary donation for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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