Agreement promotes community work in centers of the National Drug Care Network

Agreement promotes community work in centers of the National Drug Care Network

Signed this Tuesday the 23rd between the National Drug Board (JND) and the Ministry of the Interior, through the National Institute of Rehabilitation (INR), the agreement grants opportunities for community work in dependencies of the National Drug Attention Network (Renadro) to people who comply with alternative measures to deprivation of liberty. It will remain valid for one year with automatic renewal for the same period.

The subscription, made in the Executive Tower, was carried out by the general secretary of the JND, Daniel Radío; the national director of the INR, Luis Mendoza, and the director of the Office of Supervision of Assisted Liberty (OSLA), Marcio Dávila.

Through the agreement, the OSLA will be able to refer those who require an approach for problematic drug use to the Ciudadela centers. These devices are considered the gateway to the care network and are the first link when facing this difficulty.

“The consumption of substances inside prisons is very high,” Radio stressed at a press conference, noting that the agreement confirms the continuity of inter-institutional work. He added that people will also be able to perform community tasks, as alternatives to prison.

Meanwhile, Mendoza reported that the OSLA currently controls some 18,000 people in different degrees of assisted freedom. He explained that the agreement consists of two areas: first, it is aimed at those who enter by court order and suffer from addictions for which access to the Ciudadela centers is given priority. Second, to those who must carry out community work ordered by the Justice and carry it out in dependencies of the National Drug Attention Network.

The INR promotes social and labor activities in the community, in order to implement programs aimed at the comprehensive inclusion of prisoners, while the JND includes among its powers the instrumentation to prevent problematic consumption, treat addiction and supervise the execution of plans and programs on the matter.

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