Agreement approved in commemoration of the murder of Fabricio Ojeda

Agreement approved in commemoration of the murder of Fabricio Ojeda

The National Assembly (AN) approved – by a qualified majority – this Tuesday an agreement to commemorate the cruel murder of the revolutionary leader Fabricio Ojeda.

The agreement was presented by the deputy to the AN, Rodolfo Crespo, who highlighted Ojeda’s fight against Puntofijismo.

In this regard, he stated that – at this time – it is necessary to continue raising the anti-imperialist banners.

“57 years later, thousands of men and women, we continue with the flags of Fabricio, anti-imperialists, the flags of national dignity. It is necessary that the youth not give in an inch to the dreams and struggles for which the martyrs gave their lives,” Crespo said.

The agreement requests the creation of plans to promote the study and research of the revolutionary struggle in Ojeda, so that young people can learn about history.

In addition, aim to commemorate the Day of the Martyrs, not only in honor of Fabricio Ojeda, but also of those who died for the sovereignty of the country.

For his part, Deputy Fernando Soto Rojas highlighted the work carried out by the Bolivarian Revolution to rescue the historic struggle of all those who rose up against the governments of the Fourth Republic.

“Youth have to know what happened in the 20th century and in the various situations, to know the true political history of this town. Fabricio Ojeda also, when one reviews his writings, he also assumed the need for popular struggle, ”he stressed.

In the same way, he stated that it is currently necessary to study history and why, at this moment, the historical decadence of the capitalist model is originating.

“One has to know the central characters who are writing the contemporary history that is going to touch us, like in 1824 burying this second empire,” he pointed out.

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