Agents are exposed to dismissal if they ask for gifts in the alcabalas

Agents are exposed to dismissal if they ask for gifts in the alcabalas

The Ministries of Interior and Defense issued a joint resolution to regulate the installation of mobile points (alcabalas) in the national territory.

The document indicates that the points (fixed or mobile) have among their functions: to prevent the perpetration of punishable acts with special emphasis on kidnapping, human trafficking, human trafficking, narcotic and psychotropic substances, weapons and ammunition.

“It is strictly prohibited by police and military officials to collect gifts, contributions, economic support to people who move freely through the national territory,” says the resolution.

The Vice Ministry of Citizen Security is in charge of authorizing the installation of mobile points upon request made by the police forces or the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, says the document.

It is forbidden for security forces of a civil or military nature to install mobile points whose officials do not wear the uniform correctly, use iridescent vests or external ballistic vests that cover their name tag, use hoods, balaclavas, full-face helmets or clothing that prevents the observation of the face of the official.

Officials who participate in checkpoints will have various obligations, including respecting the dignity and personal integrity of citizens at all times, for which it is prohibited to “confine and require people to undress for body inspection.”

The agents will also have the obligation to inform people of the procedure to be carried out.

The police or military present at the mobile points must carry out the pertinent verifications without this meaning unnecessary delays or irreparable damage to people and their property (especially when it comes to perishable food or livestock), or improper retention of personal, vehicular documentation. or load.

Officials from the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Ombudsman’s Office may be present at the mobile points in order to ensure the proper functioning of this citizen security device.

The resolution authorizes citizens to make video or audio recordings of the procedures to which they are subjected at the mobile points.

In this regard, the resolution clarifies that no person may be forced to hand over their cell phone or recording equipment before, during or after the routine verification procedure carried out by the authorities at the control point, or to delete its content.

The installation of unauthorized mobile points and non-compliance with the regulations expressed in the resolution that favor the occurrence of police deviations, will be considered a serious offense, being this a reason for dismissal, warns the resolution.

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