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Agência Brasil explains: who can be a candidate in Brazil

This year, Brazilian voters will return to the polls to elect the President of the Republic, federal, state and district deputies, senators and governors. To run for elective positions, all citizens can participate in the contest, but they must comply with the rules established by the Constitution and electoral legislation. Agência Brasil explains: who can be a candidate in Brazil

To register candidacies in the Electoral Court, candidates must have Brazilian nationality, be in full exercise of political rights and must have an electoral domicile at the place of the election one year before the election, having been affiliated with a political party for at least six months before the elections. .

The minimum age for application must also be respected. Candidates for the positions of President of the Republic, Vice President and Senator must be 35 years old on the date of inauguration. For the positions of governor and vice, the minimum age is 30 years, and 21 years for those who will run for federal, state or district deputy positions.

Clean sheet

The Clean Record Law must also be observed for those who intend to run for the election. The rule came into force in 2010 to bar the candidacy of those convicted by collegiate bodies for eight years.

The first round of elections will be held on October 2, 2022. The eventual second round for voting for the positions of president and governor will be on the 30th of the same month. The graduation of the elected will take place until December 19 of the next year.

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