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After two years, they evaluate that the use of face masks in closed spaces is not mandatory in Colombia

The use of the mask in closed spaces will be eliminated according to the Ministry of Health, Minister Fernando Ruiz Gómez explains under what measures.

The use of the mask in closed spaces will no longer be mandatory in the country, the Ministry of Health will deliver the resolution in the coming days.

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As announced this Friday by the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruíz Gómez, the mandatory measure of the use of face masks in closed places will be lifted in the coming weeks, according to the control of the Covid-19 contagion that is currently in place in the country.

The measure would come to be a relief, also economic, after two years of use.

How many have been spent since the pandemic and its mandatory use were decreed? It is estimated that more than 60 million of these elements.

The country is going through a low level in terms of infections presented since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, therefore, its use would no longer be mandatory.

“Regarding the use of masks, between April and May we have an epidemiological peak of respiratory diseases and it is key to maintain their use. Surely in the coming weeks we will lift the measure in closed spaces, but we hope that the use will be maintained when symptoms are present, “Ruiz explained.

Use of the mask

This element was no longer mandatory in several cities and areas of the country, in open spaces, where 70% of vaccinated people were met.

Once the vaccination scheme consisting of 3 doses against Covid-19 is completed, the use of the mask would no longer be mandatory in open places.

Therefore, the measure to be studied is in accordance with the closed spaces, which would gradually be withdrawn in a given period.

Measures to take

Epidemiologists and experts present their opinions regarding this measure that has been taken by the Ministry of Health.

And Colombians are recommended not to lower their guard against the pandemic and the use of the mask.

Starting in May, weekly studies will be carried out to observe the evolution of the virus until there is endemic behavior. In colombia.

According to the minister, a period between 40 or 42 days of stability and low numbers should be expected to demonstrate endemic behavior of the pandemic.

The mask should be a help even for any other respiratory disease, this in order to avoid contagion of any of these.

Finally, it is recommended that it continue to be used in people who present symptoms, and those who do not have the complete vaccination schedule.

Even in people over 60 years of age who could suffer a higher risk of contagion, “the fact that deaths and infections have dropped does not mean that we should neglect ourselves,” Ruiz warned.

China and some other countries are still experiencing a complex situation with the virus.

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