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October 8, 2022
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After Thursday in which dialogue was trapped, presidents of Congress highlight “important progress” in a new meeting between parties for the constituent process

After a trapped discussion on Thursday, the representatives of political parties met again this Friday at the headquarters of the former National Congress, located in Santiago. After the meeting, which lasted about eight hours, the president of the Senate, Alvaro Elizalde (PS), highlighted “important progress” in the talks.

“There has been an important advance in today’s session,” said Elizalde. He also valued the “constructive attitude that all the forces that have participated in this bilateral dialogue have had, which, in any case, has to be considered in the dialogue with all the political forces that participate in the formal effort that is carried out every week in the headquarters of the National Congress in Santiago”.

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At the same time, he expressed that “it is still necessary to define some details regarding the topics that have been discussed”, but indicated that “we are on the right track for a good agreement for Chile”. Likewise, he commented that “a group has been defined that will work on the specific wording to see the details,” indicated the leader of the front page “.

Meanwhile, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Raúl Soto, stated that an “important step” had been taken and emphasized that “this is a bilateral meeting between some of the political forces represented at the enlarged table that we lead together with the president of the Senate”.

Likewise, he pointed out that “each of the points on which progress will be made in the coming days, as well as what has been advanced today, has to be presented, I hope, next Thursday to the rest of the political forces.”

Let us remember that on Thursday, there was an extended meeting between all the political forces with parliamentary representation. From the ruling party they pointed out that some parties of Chile Vamos, such as RN, did not have a common position, which trapped the conversations. In fact, they indicated that the dialogues were at a “stalemate”.

One of the stops in the conversations has been the social and democratic state of law. From the ruling party they choose to include the concept, while in Chile Vamos they intend to leave it as a social state of “rights and freedoms”. This has generated resentments on the left, since for them it implies maintaining the subsidiary State of the Constitution of 1980.

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