After threats, José Ortiz attended the Senate call on money laundering

José Ortiz, president of the Tabacalera del Este SA (Tabesa), refused to participate in the call of the Bicameral Commission of Investigation on money laundering (CBI). He sent a lawyer to represent him.

This generated discomfort in the legislators who will reconvene Ortiz for next Tuesday. In the event that he refuses to participate again, Jorge Querey announced that they will use legitimate resources to summon him by force if necessary.

After the threats, the businessman finally decided to go to the call. The meeting must answer queries related to the production and marketing of tobacco.

“This is not about a trial or an indictment. It’s just a request for information. on issues related to tobacco production and marketing. Cigarette smuggling. That’s the feature. The argument that this is a trial and that they should have all the documentation does not correspond. If any documents were required they would be requested. It’s just about informing and listening to their version,” said Querey after learning that Ortiz was not going to attend.

Act decided warned him that if he does not appear again next week, the senators will make legitimate use of constitutional resources to summon him by force if necessary. Faced with this threat, Ortiz decided to finally go to the meeting.

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