After the Government stumbled with a critical infrastructure project, the Prosecutor’s Office revealed that in 2022, 40 people have been convicted of violent crimes in La Araucanía

During 2022, the Public Ministry has carried out, in the region of La Araucanía, a total of 26 convictions for violent crimes, involving 40 people, who are currently serving sentences of between 5 and 10 years in prison, and others with measures precautionary preventive detention pending a trial preparation hearing. These are crimes associated with rural violence, which occurred in interior and urban areas of the provinces of Malleco and Cautín, and which have affected truck drivers, farmers, foresters, individuals and police officers, among other victims.

As explained by the regional prosecutor of Araucanía, Roberto Garrido, “the sentences have been pronounced, regarding the participation of these individuals in serious, relevant crimes, such as robbery with violence, frustrated homicide of police officers or civilians, fires, drug trafficking, arms and ammunition trafficking to radicalized groups”.

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It is worth mentioning that the so-called South Macrozone – which is made up of the Araucanía region and the provinces of Biobío and Arauco – currently has mixed surveillance on the roads, in a preventive task carried out by military personnel and both police forces (PDI). and Police). According to details from the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, this strategy has allowed them to reduce by more than 28% the acts of violent connotation in the area.

Figures that arise in a complex context for the Government of President Boric, after this past Wednesday the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies rejected, with 61 votes in favor, 69 against (the majority emanating from the Opposition) and 17 abstentions, the substitute veto – proposed by the Executive – to the project that seeks to protect critical infrastructure, and that emerged as an alternative to the State of Emergency in the southern part of the country. Once this project fell, the Government had no choice but to announce that it would once again request an extension of this measure, which generates serious discrepancies within the ruling party.

In this regard, the deputy and president of the Lower House, Raúl Soto (PPD), told Radio Future that “I am going to be stupid in asking the left and the center left that, once and for all, we stop acting with an ideological complex and act with pragmatism. Because we have a blindfold, we cannot leave the problem to the citizens What corresponds is that those who say they are loyal to the Government express that loyalty and do not leave it without votes. The main responsibility lies with Chile Vamos, who acted irresponsibly. Ultimately they decided to harm the government. It is a irresponsible act. Because the people of the South Macrozone are left with one less tool”.

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