After the formation of a new team for the National Prosecutor, senators again notice the “opacity” of the process

The President of the Senate, alvaro elizalde (PS), announced that if President Boric chooses a new name from the proposed quina for National Prosecutor as soon as possible, the Corporation would be able to vote next week. Elizalde issued these statements after the Supreme Court returned to complete the quina after the quotas left by the resigned Rodrigo Rios Y Jose Morales, whose name was rejected by the Senate. The highest court chose Nayalet Mansilla Already Juan Agustin Melendez.

“Once the President chooses a new name, a session of the Constitution Commission (of the Senate) will be called for the new candidate to present their proposals, and the respective commission will prepare a report, and the Chamber will to be voting next week,” said Elizalde.

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“According to the estimated times, we are going to convene a special session next Tuesday or Wednesday for the Senate to rule on the decision of the President of the Republic,” added the president of the Upper House.

On the quina, the PS leader stated that “these are suitable people who have an outstanding career, and what corresponds is that the President elects and that the Senate pronounces.”

With the decision of the Supreme Court, the team for National Prosecutor is made up of the following people: the Regional Prosecutor of Ñuble, Nayalet Mansilla; the National Prosecutor (s) Juan Agustín Meléndez; the criminal lawyer Angel Valencia; the lawyer and director of the Specialized Anti-Corruption and Legal Unit of the Public Ministry, Marta Herrera; and the Regional Prosecutor of Aysén, Carlos Palma.

President Boric must choose one of the five candidates. The person appointed by the President will need the ratification of the Senate with a quorum of 2/3 (33 votes).

It should be remembered that the Senate rejected the appointment of Morales on November 30, with 31 votes in favor, 6 against and 8 abstentions. Some FRVS (officialist), DC, RN and independent parliamentarians rejected it.

Call to review process

Different senators called to review the procedure to choose a new National Prosecutor. They pointed to “opacity” in the process and urged “refining” it.

The senator Ivan Flores (DC) expressed that “regardless of the names and the quality of the people who were nominated to integrate the quina again, I want to insist on the opacity of the process.”

“I think that the Judiciary must understand that, when it comes to relevant institutions or appointments, it must open up and promote the participation of the best. The truth is that these fingers not only do not look good, but can lend themselves to other things, then I think it’s better to do things well,” he added.

For his part, Senator Esteban Velazquez (FRVS) maintained that “we must review the procedure of how candidates for National Prosecutor are nominated. The procedures are already very hackneyed, with errors involved, and it must be perfected so that in eight more years we are not making the same mistakes.” .

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