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After the blackout, the Chamber resumes voting on the Social Benefits PEC today

The Chamber of Deputies should resume voting today (13) on the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 15/2022, which creates a state of emergency to expand the payment of social benefits until the end of the year. The base text was approved last night, but the session was suspended due to a blackout in the Casa’s computer system.After the blackout, the Chamber resumes voting on the Social Benefits PEC today

This Wednesday, parliamentarians still need to analyze the highlights, that is, proposals that can modify parts of the measure and, later, to analyze it in the second round.

The PEC generates BRL 41.2 billion in exceptional expenses or expenses outside the spending ceiling, divided between social benefits, such as the Brazil aid and the kitchen gas voucher; and economic, such as the granting of a tax credit to reduce the tax on the Circulation of Goods and on the Provision of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication Services (ICMS) for ethanol producers and distributors.

On Tuesday night, the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), suspended the session after technical problems in the House’s system, Infoleg, which records the votes of parliamentarians remotely. The Federal Police were called to investigate the blackout in the system.

In a note, the president of the Chamber said that the technical area found instability in the remote voting system from 7 pm onwards. Both Internet links, provided by different companies, were interrupted simultaneously. The situation led to the suspension of any possibility of remote voting, including the downfall of the wi-fi network.

“This is a serious and unprecedented occurrence. In order to ensure that all deputies exercise their legitimate right to vote, the session was suspended and an immediate investigation into the causes and responsibilities of the system breakdown was ordered.

Federal police

Also through a note, the Federal Police confirmed that it was called last night by the Chamber of Deputies to investigate internet failures and inconsistencies in the House’s voting system. After the activation, a technical team was on site and made the first checks.

“A preliminary investigation procedure was initiated at the Federal Police Superintendence in the Federal District and the investigation continues in order to promptly clarify what happened.”

the PEC

The PEC brings measures to reduce the value of fuels and also provides for the payment of social benefits until the end of the year. The article consolidates the writings of two PECs (15/22 and 1/22), without changing the merits already approved in the Senate for PEC 1/22. PEC 1/22, which provides for the payment of social benefits, was attached to PEC 15/22, which deals with fuels and was at an advanced stage of processing in the Chamber.

The text provides for an increase of R$ 200 in Auxílio Brasil until December, with an estimated cost of R$ 26 billion. The PEC also proposes, until the end of the year, an aid of R$ 1 thousand for truck drivers (cost of R$ 5.4 billion), an increase of about R$ 53 in the amount paid for the kitchen gas voucher (estimated cost of R$ 1.05 billion) and reinforcement of R$ 500 million to the Alimenta Brasil program, in addition to installments of R$ 200 for taxi drivers (with a total cost of R$ 2 billion), financing of free public transport for the elderly (cost of R$ 2.5 billion) and transfers of up to R$ 3.8 billion, through tax credits, to states that reduce the tax burden on ethanol.

According to the legislation, there can be no granting of new benefits or distribution of values ​​in an election year, except in exceptional cases, such as the state of emergency. Therefore, there is a provision in the PEC that provides for the declaration of a state of emergency in the country until December 31, justified by the “extraordinary and unpredictable” rise in oil and fuel prices and their social impacts.

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