After suffering a malfunction, the Ten Tanker company assures that the plane will operate again before Saturday

The mechanics of the Ten Tanker company are working with great intensity to have the aircraft available as soon as possible, after suffering a malfunction while fighting forest fires in the southern macro-zone of the country.

This was explained by the company’s commercial agent, Ezequiel Sicardi, who announced that, since the spare part was kept in the equipment with which they arrived in Chile, it is most likely that the ship will be operating again before next Saturday, since that they should not have waited for it to arrive from the United States.

The company representative maintained that what happened to the aircraft designed exclusively for firefighting, for Chile “does not mean any economic loss.”

“We estimated that we were going to solve this inconvenience in three days, taking into account that we were going to need spare parts from the United States with the logistical issues that this implies, but we were able to detect that luckily we had the way to repair it locally with all the spare parts that They have come on board the aircraft. Luckily and for the peace of mind of all of you, it greatly reduced work times,” said Sicardi.

Regarding the damage, he stated that “the plane landed in Chilean territory yesterday, managed to make 4 discharges, and unfortunately one of the valves of engine number 1 suffers a fault in a gate that releases a lot of pressure. When there is excess pressure in those valves the gates open and a small fissure is generated in that gate”.

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