After extensive session, Bicameral Commission dispatches proposed regulation of the constituent process

After an extensive 16-hour session, the Bicameral Commission dispatched on Tuesday the proposed regulation of the new constituent process. The instance voted in particular 247 indications. Then, he sent the bill to the Senate.

The chambers of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies will vote on the proposal on Wednesday, January 25.

Let us remember that the Bicameral Commission approved on Friday, in general, the regulation proposal elaborated by the Secretariats of both Corporations. The text also collected the experience of the secretaries of the Constitution committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

what was approved

The Bicameral Commission approved that the constitutional advisers can abstain from voting. “The important thing is that abstention does not add to the majority and is not understood as approval,” said the senator. Matthias Walker (Democrats), chairman of the body.

The instance also advanced in the definition regarding that all the organs of the constituent process will be equal “without inhibiting the representation of ideas.”

Likewise, the commission endorsed that the bodies of the new constituent process, and its commissions and subcommittees, will meet in person. Telematic participation will be allowed exceptionally.

In turn, they defined that all sessions of the Constitutional Council will be broadcast. Reserved sessions are not contemplated.

In addition, for the purposes of calculating the terms established by this regulation, the days will be understood as complete and running. There will be no non-business days or hours.

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