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After clashes, Intrant and Fenatrano sign agreement of understanding

Santo Domingo.- The National Institute of Traffic and Land Transport (Intrant) and the National Federation of New Option Transport (Fenatrano) signed this Friday an agreement of understanding with the aim of reducing the situations generated by the implementation of new transport corridors. buses of the public transport service in Greater Santo Domingo.

The president of the Dominican Municipal League (LMD), Víctor D’Aza, mediated in the dialogue between both parties and served as a witness to the signing of the agreement where the executive director of the IntrantRafael Arias, and the president of Fenatrano, Juan Hubieres, agreed that for the implementation of the corridors, specifically that of the Charles de Gaullewhere on Thursday there was arrest of chores by the Intrant, a satisfactory solution must be found for the drivers of public cars that operate on the routes covered by the new transport system.

Recently, the Dominican Government, through the Transport Cabinet, announced the entry of the Fenatrane to the corridors that are implemented in the country.


“We have reached an agreement in the face of a social problem that involves many transport partners and the government. What suits us is to work in peace for the well-being of Dominican society”, pondered Hubieres.

While D’Aza emphasized that with the signing of this agreement, the collective interest of carriers and the Government of President Luis Abinader, which seeks to implement the master plan for the Transformation of Transport and Mobility of the Dominican Republic, has prevailed.

“The interest of the Dominican government is to facilitate a more modern, collectivized, efficient and lower cost transport for transport users,” he said.

The agreement stipulates that the Government undertakes to maintain fuel compensation until required by the transport sector, with which they seek to maintain their stability.

Hugo Beras (i), director of the Transport Cabinet; Juan Hubieres (beard), president of Fenatrano; Rafael Arias, director of the Intrant and the president of the LMD, Víctor D´Aza while they sign the agreement.

Through this pact, Fenatrano undertakes that its car and bus drivers operating on the routes of the new Charles de Gaulle corridor leave within 10 days, in order to examine and evaluate the survey to be carried out by the Intrant .

In addition, it contemplates that any aspect not foreseen by the parties will be solved through the implementation of the reciprocal will of both entities.

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