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Afro-descendants express discomfort at the withdrawal of the 2022 National Census

The Afro-descendant Community issued a protest statement against the withdrawal of the variable that consults people who identify themselves as Afro-descendants in the 2022 National Census.

“Shortly after celebrating the National Day of Afro-Paraguayan Culture and through a meeting of the technical regulatory table of Law No. 6940 known as the Law of Afro-descendants, we have learned that the National Statistics Institute (INE) decided to withdraw from the National Census 2022 the variable that consults people who identify themselves as Afro-descendants”, says the statement.

Faced with this situation, they express total discontent, since they indicate that for several years different Afro-Paraguayan organizations have been working for the inclusion of the variable and the importance of Afro-descendants having a place in the 2022 census. And so, in this way , have an official number of Afro-Paraguayans.

“We express our DISAGREEMENT with a decision that, once again, makes invisible the Afro-descendant movement and sector in Paraguay. A decision made at the gates of the 2022 National Census and that leaves us out of the official sampling that is only carried out every ten years,” they add.

They also express concern about the measure adopted and call for a review of the situation.

“From the SAN BALTAZAR TRADITIONAL GROUP ASSOCIATION OF KAMBA KUA we demand, from Mr. President Mario Abdo Benítez and his government, due RESPECT for the processes and agreements already worked out with the Afro-Paraguayan communities.” underline.

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