AFP: Pension fund will gradually recover losses

AFP: Pension fund will gradually recover losses

The manager of the Investment Division of Jose Larrabure, stated that the funds will recover from the losses they now record.

The expert indicated that in other crises the returns occurred “in the following 12 months”, although in this case it could take a little longer, depending on inflation and the decrease in expectations that the world will enter a recession.

“When we began to see fundamentals such as a differential in real rates, today investments in Peru have become more attractive than in dollars in terms of return. Therefore, capital flows are also beginning to enter the country despite the political instability”Larrabure asserted.

On the other hand, he said that were it not for political instability, the exchange rate would be below S/3.50. Yesterday it closed at S/3,693.

“If we didn’t have the political instability that we have, the exchange rate would probably be below 3.50 due to fundamentals. We think that this trend may continue at the end of the year. It’s hard to make a short-term prediction, but the trend we see is positive for the sun.”sentenced.


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