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Afghan refugee who arrived in Uruguay showed his “appreciation” for the country and thanked Carolina Ache

Afghan refugee who arrived in Uruguay showed his "appreciation" for the country and thanked Carolina Ache

aliaqathe father of the Afghan family who has taken refuge in Uruguay since Thursday, thanked the authorities and the Uruguayan people in a public letter for helping him get to the country.

It’s a statement, expressed “gratitude” and “appreciation” for the people who have helped him settle in Uruguay.

The Afghan thanked a “special person” who collaborated for his arrival. “His name is Javier Del Rey Morató (professor at the Complutense University of Madrid) and he has been helping me to get to Montevideo,” he said.

“I want to say that there are no words to convey the appreciation I feel for the dear people who have been supporting me during the most difficult times,” he said. And she thanked the former vice chancellor Carolina Ache, the Director of Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marina Sande and the journalist Darío Klein.

“Again, it may not be perfect to express my appreciation and gratitude, but I know how hard and difficult it was to resettle in Uruguay. I extend a heart full of love and gratitude for your friendship and kindness,” he said.

On Thursday afternoon, after a last stopover in Brazil, the Afghan family arrived at the Carrasco airport accompanied by United Nations assistants.

the history of the afghan

When the Taliban seized Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, a couple of Afghan professionals who worked for the ousted government and their son knew their days were numbered in those faraway lands where sandstorms are as frequent as political ones. What they did not assume is that a year, two months and 25 days later they would still be hiding —in a neighboring country, without a visa and with the danger camouflaged in the face of every stranger who crosses their path— waiting to find shelter elsewhere. .

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