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Aerolíneas Argentinas obtained a millionaire profit for flights to Qatar

Aerolíneas Argentinas obtained a millionaire profit for flights to Qatar

The Argentine team managed to win the World Cup this year and, as a witness to this, there were thousands of fans who traveled to Qatar to watch each game live, and where Argentinian airlines It was an essential part.

the transport company managed to make 21 flights to Qatar, through which it transported 4,500 passengers, some even just hours before the final between Argentina and France was played. This left a million-dollar profit for Argentinian airlines.

The company has been key in the reactivation of tourism.

Total, Argentinian airlines He made a net profit of 2.2 million dollars with the flights he made to Qatar. Likewise, it opened new markets and transported cargo for 142,211 kilograms.

The company explained that during the World Cup “it generated net income of 10.5 million dollars, with a marginal contribution of 4.7 million and a final result of 2,209,387 dollars of profit.”

The flights to the final sold out in record time.

This, thanks to the 21 special operations to and from the Doha airport. Of these, eight operations were given for the group stage, two for the round of 16 and two for the quarterfinals.

In addition, there was an operation for the semifinal and five more for the World Cup final, to which are added three flights exclusively contracted by the Argentine Football Association (AFA), according to the airline.

The airline achieved a record number of passengers transported in the world.

They also detailed: “the load factor of the flights was an average of 70% in the general total and 74% in business class, with the exception that in the last operations that included attendance at the semifinal and final matches, occupancy was 100%”.

Aerolíneas Argentinas brought the world champions back to the country

during the world cup, the company She was in charge of taking the team to Qatar and, later, bringing it back to the country, which represented a great pride for the airline, since Argentina managed to be the world champion.

The squad was transferred on flight AR1915 that departed from Doha’s Hamad International Airport at 9:00 am on December 19 and made a stopover in Rome. After more than 19 hours of flight, the team arrived in the country at 2:00 in the morning on Tuesday, December 20, where the team was awaited by thousands of fans who came to the Ezeiza International Airport to welcome them.

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