Aerie: "Dialogue is the way forward"

Aerie: "Dialogue is the way forward"

Vice Minister of Social Development, Gustavo Aguilera. Photo Leo Cow.

The Vice Minister of Social Development, Gustavo AguileraHe assured this Tuesday that “the social situation is to take into account and be attentive” and, after highlighting the coincidences reached in the framework of a meeting they held with leaders of left-wing social organizations at the Ministry’s headquarters and pointing out that the point of disagreement continues to be the claim regarding the plans, he expressed the conviction that ” dialogue is the way to go”.

“FIt was a meeting in which we were chatting about the social situation that concerns us all, and we agreed on some points such as strengthening food assistance. The minister (Juan Zabaleta) has already announced an increase in the Food Card, and also to strengthen the picnic areas and dining rooms that the organizations have,” the official told Radio Provincia.

In this sense, he pointed out that “advance in agreements” had been achieved, but he indicated that “There is an insistence on the part of a fraction of the piquetero organizations in demanding more plans.”

“In that the minister was clear when he defined that the resources will be destined to the generation of work and to the productive units, and in that we could not agree, we agreed to continue dialoguing. We know that dialogue is the way to go“, asserted the deputy minister of Social Development.

The negotiation between the Ministry of Social Development reached a “partial” agreement and, although it was agreed to keep the dialogue open, the organizations announced that they will continue with their plan of struggle tomorrow, although not under the camping modality.

Aguilera commented that the government insisted “on productive undertakings that we believe is a way out to deal with unemployment.”

In addition, he maintained that the representatives of the organizations that attended the Ministry of Social Development on Monday “will surely mobilize, but not with a camp.”

The social organizations that met with the deputy minister will no longer camp at the 9 de Julio Photo Carlos Brigo
The social organizations that met with the vice minister will no longer camp out on the 9 de Julio. Photo Carlos Brigo.

“I am sure that next week we will continue to talk, we are convinced that Argentina gets ahead with more work and not with more social plans,” Aguilera stressed.

When asked about the statements made by the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who asked the national government to remove the social plans for those who protest with street blockades, he said: “We are firm on the issues, we must have convictions, but not with threats, we agree that the social situation is to take into account and be attentive but conflicts are not resolved with threats, the number of plans that were given in the macrismo debunks all the statements made by Rodríguez Larreta.

In that sense, he added: “There are speeches for the tribune that reality contrasts them clearly; Argentina gets ahead with work, with production, and the plans are a palliative. The economic indicators of our country show a growth of the economy, that unemployment is falling and that we have to fight inflation.

On this point, he considered that “economic growth needs to give the discussion of the distributive bid”, because “it is not enough for the country to grow but rather that it be distributed in a fairer and more equitable way”.

“We are coming out of the pandemic, we are coming out of a debt that is a weight that we have on our backs, we must make an effort among all, especially those who have the most, so that Argentina grows but with social equity,” he said.

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