Adrover took office as mayor of Nueva Palmira

Adrover took office as mayor of Nueva Palmira

It is the second time that he has assumed as mayor, the previous time was in October of last year, where he also held the position for two weeks.

In dialogue with EL ECO, Adrover the day he took office expressed that personally “it is an honor and a great pleasure to be at the head of the Municipality for these two weeks, supporting, listening to the proposals of the people, the concerns, the requests”.

He said that “it is a very short period” for which he will continue with the activities that are being carried out, such as “the patching of bitumen streets, repair of asphalt streets, pruning of trees” of public ornamentation, repair of “Ordoñana street to the bottom at the request of neighbors and that it had been delayed because there is very little machinery to carry out this work.”

At the same time, he stressed that “one thing I want to support is the dance group that is being formed, with a teacher hired by the administration and with the support of the Municipality, which is working with children, adolescents, young people, and adults, with classes weekly in ´El Terruño´, in the National club and in the Club de los Abuelos. It is important that people join to form a nice group that represents the city”.

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