ADP: “Por culpa del ministro se han perdido más horas de clase”

ADP: “Because of the minister’s fault, more class hours have been lost”

The president of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), Edward Hidalgothat the minister of Education, Roberto Fulcaris to blame for the number of hours lost in schools.

“When we take stock we see that more class hours have been lost because of the minister,” said Hidalgo.

“Due to lack of lunch, lack of teachers, lack of equipment, the situation of the physical plants of the schools. At last he recognized that there are some schools that do not have drinking water; when we have been telling you for two years that there is not even drinking water, ”he indicated.

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Interviewed on the show “TODAY Same”the president of the ADPexplained that the teachers’ demonstrations are not only due to salary issues.

“It’s not just salary. We are asking for equipment, continuous training for teachers, the situation of overcrowding in the school, repair of educational centers, good medical insurance”, he referred.

It is recalled that in recent weeks, the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP)has developed various mobilizations towards the different educational districts of the country demanding these claims.

Meeting with Abinader

Regarding a possible encounter with Louis Abinader, Edward Hidalgo He did not rule it out and expressed the union’s interest in its occurrence.

“We have opened a compass (…) The ADP held its meeting yesterday and ratifies its vocation for dialogue. He has sent a communication to the president where we congratulate his declaration, ”said the also deputy for Santo Domingo East.

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“We are willing, that he summon us (…) If he understands that the minister is the one who should summon us, we are not objecting to the channel,” argued Hidalgo.

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