Adocco difiere de Participación Ciudadana sobre posición RD en IPC 2022

Adocco differs from Citizen Participation on RD position in IPC 2022

Contrary to the position of the non-partisan civic movement Citizen participation about an alleged advance of the Dominican Republic in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2022, the Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (adocco) regretted today that the country “does not present significant progress” in this aspect that the organization measures International Transparency (YOU).

Through a press release, Adocco pointed out that the Dominican Republic in the CPI 2022 is placed “among the most corrupt countries” along with kenya, NigeriaBolivian, LaosBolivian, Mexico, uzbekistanwith a rating of 32 points out of 100.

They indicate that this score is similar to that obtained in the ranking of the years 2012, 2014 and “lower than 2015 rating” with 33 points, “meaning that the actions to fight corruption have not had any effect in changing the perception studied by TI”.

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In this sense, the president of Adocco, Julio Cesar De la Rosa Tiburcioconsidered “more than worrying the inconsistency of the Dominican Republic, regarding its position in the ranking, which is evident in the ups and downs, since in the year 2011 (26), 2012 (32), 2013 (29 ), 2014 (32), 2015 (33), 2016 (31), 2017 (29), 2018 (30), 2019 (28), 2020 (28) and 2021 (30)”.

It is remembered that the Corruption Perception Index (IPC) classifies 180 countries and territories according to their perceptions of the level of corruption in the public sector, using a scale from zero (very corrupt) to 100 (very low corruption), in 43 of them, the global average of the CPI, continues without showing variations, for the eleventh consecutive year, and more than two thirds of the countries have a serious problem of corruption and a score below 50.

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Denmark (90) ranks first in this year’s index, and Finland Y New Zealand rank very close, both countries scoring 87. Strong democratic institutions and respect for human rights also place these countries among the most peaceful of the world, South Sudan (13), Syria (13) and Somalia (12), three countries affected by protracted conflicts, continue to rank at the bottom of the CPI.

This year, 26 countries including the United Kingdom (73), Qatar (58) and Guatemala (24) – have reached historical low levels, since 2017, ten countries have registered a significant decrease in CPI scores, these are: Luxembourg (77), Canada (74), the United Kingdom (73), Austria (71), Malaysia (47), Mongolia (33), Pakistan (27), Honduras (23), Nicaragua (19) and Haiti (17), during the same period, eight countries showed improvements in the CPI: Ireland (77), South Korea (63), Armenia (46), Vietnam (42), Maldives (40), moldova (39), Angola (33) and uzbekistan (31).

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