ado;  "Educational policies are made by us Paraguayans"

ado; “Educational policies are made by us Paraguayans”

The Chamber of Senators postponed, due to lack of quorum, the bill “Repealing the validity of Law No. 6,659/2020 ‘Approving the Financing Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Paraguay for the support program to the transformation of the Educational System in Paraguay, and its annexes”.

With 63 votes, the Chamber of Deputies, last Wednesday, repealed the financing agreement of the European Union for the support program for the educational system in Paraguay. The bill is now in the Senate for study and consideration.

Abdo Benítez, President of the Republic, thanked the Senate for the delay in treatment. He reaffirmed that the initiative consists of a ridiculous manipulation at election time.

“Educational policies are made by us Paraguayans. This is a non-reimbursable cooperation that they do to governments, nobody ever rejected. It will leave us isolated from the international community. In terms of cooperation for education we should be grateful”, he commented.

The financing, which consists of US$38 million, has been controversial because, according to conservative social groups, it would be tied to a gender-focused educational transformation plan. From the Ministry of Education they have denied that the plan has those intentions.

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