President of ADEX on Pedro Castillo: "Having authorities in office for 1 or 2 months does not allow us to move forward"

ADEX asks Pedro Castillo to prioritize meritocracy in the election of the new Cabinet

Julio Pérez Alván, head of the pointed out that after the resignation of Prime Minister Aníbal Torres and his cabinet, President has the opportunity to elect ministers with experience, technical knowledge, impeccable work ethic and without ongoing processes or investigation, who support the country’s recovery.

Next year will be challenging in many ways, we are facing a global economic slowdown and so far we do not see that the authorities give it due importance and do something to face this serious situation that is coming; on the contrary, we continue in a process of internal instability never seen before”, he commented.

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Likewise, he was of the opinion that Pedro Castillo has the opportunity to prioritize meritocracy and elect ministers with a good profile, knowledgeable about their sectors, with an impeccable work ethic, without any ongoing process or investigation, open to dialogue, without any ideology, nor that they have been previously censored by Congress.

There is a widespread idea among the population that the election of certain authorities is more due to political interests or party dues payments and not to the objective of adding to the recovery and growth of the country. The swearing in of the next cabinet gives the president another chance to prove that none of that is true.”, he added.

He also stated that if the president continues to elect people without the appropriate profile, he will aggravate the existing crisis and put the future of the more than 33 million Peruvians at risk, particularly those who are in a situation of extreme poverty.

He pointed out that as long as Congress and the Executive continue to confront each other, the country will continue to drown in informality, corruption, citizen insecurity and poverty.

The political and economic crisis is exacerbated by the general deterioration of the institutions as a result of the bad election of their authorities, which leads to neglecting the needs of the population. It is time for the president to prioritize other qualities beyond partisanship”, commented Pérez Alván.

Finally, it should be noted that President Castillo expressed during the meeting with the High Level Group of the Organization of American States (OAS) his full willingness to dialogue with all the country’s institutions, but, on the contrary, he did not attend the business CADE 2022.


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