Adela Dubra took over as president of the Sodre

Adela Dubra took over as president of the Sodre

Adela Dubra, until now Vice President of the Envelope, assumed the position of President of the Board of Directors. The Minister of Education and Culture, Pablo da Silveira, led the inauguration ceremony of the new authorities. The new board of directors includes Claudio Aguilar and Diego Silveira, as vice president and director, respectively.

During his oratory, the Secretary of State stressed that, despite the change of some names and positions, the line of work is the same, which marks the continuity in management. In his intervention, he recognized the task of the previous president of the institution, Martín Inthamoussú, and highlighted the continuity of management with the new Board of Directors. The hierarch said that the management of Sodre is governed by a roadmap whose axes are geographical opening, inclusion and the incorporation of a diversity of cultural manifestations. He added that the goal is for the organization to become an emblem of excellence.

For her part, Adela Dubra, upon assuming the new position, cited the professionalism and creativity of the directors and stated that the institutional strategy includes the need for openness to reach new audiences. In that sense, she assured that the decentralization of activities will continue and mentioned the council sessions in eight departments and that both the ballet and the choir plan tours throughout the country.

“The State is always ordering, we have put order in the Sodre and we are going to continue putting it,” he revealed. The new vice president, Claudio Aguilar, maintained that excellence, improvement, overcoming are key for the institution. He affirmed that the Sodre represents a value for Uruguay and that the officials feel a deep pride for belonging to the organization.

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