ADEDAPP ExpoFeria 2022, an opportunity for commercial exchange between companies and entrepreneurs

The Association of Companies of the Panama Pacific Area (ADEDAPP) carried out this August 19, the 8th version of its ExpoFeria. It is a multisectoral commercial exhibition that is presented as a space of opportunities.

“Companies, institutions and entrepreneurs from different areas that interact with the general public participate. It is a space that ADEDAPP promotes for the exchange and relationship of people from Panama Pacifico and the rest of the country”, said the president of ADEDAPP, Jaime Carrizo.

The event fulfilled a key role for the presentation of services and products. Make known what they produce to colleagues from related fields in search of new alliances and growth. It was the ideal place to experience networking rounds, strengthen networks and valuable connections between actors that are part of the country’s development.

The objective is that companies and entrepreneurs can get to know this commercial exchange platform and take advantage of the possibility of generating connections, links and boosting their businesses. Carrizo also analyzed: “It is an opportunity for the general public to know what the private company can contribute to the country.”

“Panama Pacifico is an example of the country’s industrial, commercial and service development at a regional level. It is a very successful economic area, with more than 17 years. There are many opportunities for companies to establish themselves here, both national and international. They can use the logistics platform that we have to provide services and products to the rest of the world”, he indicated about the area.

More than 30 companies and institutions from different sectors participated in the ExpoFeria: travel agencies, universities, services and telecommunications, among others. “We are very pleased that the private company joins this effort made by ADEDAPP”, concluded the president.

Regarding the result of the day, the executive director of ADEDAPP, Juan McKay, highlighted: “We feel satisfied and so do all the participants in the stands. The purpose was achieved that many companies knew the staff and that many people from the staff knew these companies”. “It is a mutual benefit. It has been of great convenience to everyone,” he concluded.

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