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Activist Omara Ruiz Urquiola denied entry to Cuba for the third time

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban regime denied entry to the country to Omara Ruiz Urquiola for the third consecutive time. The Cuban activist tried to return to the island this Saturday, but Southwest airlines prevented her from boarding the plane.

In a video recorded from the Fort Lauderdale airport, north of Miami, and shared by the activist Caroline BarreroOmara Ruiz reported that the airline supervisor had treated her with violence.

Omara Ruiz-Urquiola

“For the third time they won’t let me return to Cuba. (…) The attitude reveals not only the violation of my rights by the Government of Cuba, but also the complicity of the authorities of this country. I say this knowingly, because now they are involved in ‘engagement 2.0’, in expanding commercial relations, in expanding the flights, for example, of this airline. People like me are left in the middle of this plot,” said Omara Ruiz.

“I will continue to insist. I’m not going to get tired. I am Cuban. I have my house, my life in Cuba, I have nothing outside of Cuba,” she added.

In statements to Cuban Journal Urquiola explained: “I went to the counter and they told me that the Cuban government will not let me return. They called a supervisor. He came in an absolutely broken form. I asked him again to give me that communication from the Cuban government. That man even sent for the police. The police arrived and said that we had not violated anything established. That man threatened us. He told the friend that he was recording me that he had to hand him over and delete the recording. He had never seen that in a US airport. And they gave me absolutely nothing. The individual even told me that he did not have to give me anything”.

Last June the same airline prohibited him from boarding a plane to return to Cuba by order of the island’s authorities. On July 12 he experienced a similar situation. The teacher traveled to the United States to receive medical attention.

After the second ban, the Cuban scientist and activist Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, Omara’s brother, carried out a hunger and thirst strike for 12 days to demand a statement from the United Nations about the violations of her sister’s human rights.

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