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Activist Laudel Camacho is arrested in Las Tunas after offering an interview to CubaNet

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Laudel Camacho Ricardo

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban activist Laudel Camacho Ricardo, resident in the municipality of Manatí, province of Las Tunas, was arrested this Thursday morning for his alleged participation in an act of vandalism against a store in that territory.

Odalis Campbell, Camacho’s wife, informed CubaNet that the opponent was taken to the police station by two agents who appeared at his home.

“Early in the morning, we were both sleeping and two police officers from Manatí arrived and took my detained husband to the police. I went after him and they didn’t even let me in and they threw me out. They put him in an office to question him, offending him and threatening him,” the woman said.

The activist’s arrest occurred shortly after he offered this newspaper a testimony about his work as an opponent.

According to Odalis Campbell, after the interrogation to which he was subjected, her husband was sent to the brig.

“Then I started saying things to them and they put him in jail. They didn’t let me go in there, ”he added.

The Manatí police chief himself explained to the activist’s wife “that they had taken him to Tunas for Instruction, that they accused him of a stone that he had thrown at a store.”

“He has nothing to do with it. Now it is not known what the communists can do to him. Those who threw that stone were two who were riding a bicycle. There are witnesses who saw them. My husband has nothing to do with that and now they want to put him in jail, punish him,” lamented the woman.

Laudel Camacho Ricardo has previously gone to prison for political activism. He was a member of the Christian Liberation Movement and was among the volunteers who collected signatures for the Varela Project, an initiative led by the late opposition leader Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas.

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