Bricomiles avanzan con recuperación de 78% de escuelas de Caracas

Active bricomiles recover 78% of schools in Caracas

With 78% of the schools in Caracas already recovered, the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles)advances the renovation and comprehensive maintenance of schools in the capital city, as part of the 1×10 System of Good Governancethrough the line 58 and the application ComeApp.

From the Altagracia de Caracas parish, the mayoress Carmen Melendezaccompanied by civil and military authorities, and together with the director of the center, Ermelinda Morales, showed the works that are carried out in the District Educational Unit (UED) Antonio OrnésEje 4 sector of the La Esperanza community, north of the capital.

In the city, there are 1,443 schools and high schools, and the large percentage of rehabilitation has been achieved thanks to the civic-military work of the members of the Popular power in the communitiesof the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), Ministry of popular power for education, Government of the Capital District (GDC) and the mayor’s office.

“78% of our schools have been activated and recovered, thanks to the revolutionary effort, and we are sure that very soon we will achieve 100% of the recovered schools in Caracas, responding to children,” said the senior official of the capital, who indicated that construction material is delivered, to carry out the work in the rest of the educational centers that are still waiting.

The military commander of the Redi Capital, G/D Alex Hernandez Aquinowho together with the mayoress inspected the work at the Caracas school, informed that the order of the Commander in Chief of the FANB, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Morosis an instruction that is fulfilled to the letter.

He said that “the Altagracia school bears the name of a great Venezuelan mathematician, who was concerned with bringing education to boys and girls, and today, the Bricomiles carry out work to recover, beautify and put the infrastructure into operation.” In this particular, the brigades carry out work in seven classrooms, roofs, fields and gardens, as well as bathrooms and other areas.

“With perfect civic-military union, headed by my Chief Admiral, Carmen Meléndez, we are working to bring happiness to boys and girls, so that they have dignified spaces. Together we are more!”, she concluded.

“Together we are more!” reiterated the mayoress of Caracas, who reported that all the schools where they currently work have construction materials that are delivered for the work: asphalt blanket for waterproofing roofs, bags of cement, stones, sand, paints, brushes, tools, brooms, lights, locks, glass, bathroom parts, sinks, sinks, pipes in general, among others.

“This is how all the schools in Caracas are, so that when the new school year begins, we will have 100% of the schools rehabilitated and the boys and girls have a happy return to their beautiful school,” he said.



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