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Actions by armed groups worry municipalities in the country

Actions by armed groups worry municipalities in the country

Mayors of the country expressed, this Wednesday, March 29, their concern about the situation of violence in several regions of the country and they reiterated the situation to the National Government.

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We have 330 mayors with extraordinary security measures, which means that they must have armored cars and important escort teams to protect their lives.”, indicated Gilberto bull, director of Fedemunicipios.

In a third of the national territory there are threats against the representatives of local democracy by violent groupshe added.

For his part, Gian Carlo Gerometta, mayor of Mosquera (Cundinamarca) and president of Fedemunicipios, expressed that the local leaders “We are very concerned about the public order situation at the national level”.

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He also called on the National Government “to collaborate with us in the territory; We are experiencing repeated acts of violence against the Military Forces, but it also affects the civilian population”.

Gerometta also referred to the death of nine soldiers in an attack by the National Liberation Army (ELN) in the Catatumbo region.

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They are absolutely reprehensible facts that should deserve to make concrete decisions by the Government and if it is the case, raise the negotiation tables so that this type of scourge does not occur again“, said.


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