Act in support of the release of Alex Saab had chavista leaders and few people

Act in support of the release of Alex Saab had chavista leaders and few people

The act in support of Alex Saab was held in front of the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas, where the different protesters appealed for their innocence. The president of the 2020 National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, affirmed that in the US they have not found evidence to incriminate the man from Barranquilla

This Friday, December 16, supporters of the ruling party gathered in front of the Federal Legislative Palace for an activity in which they once again requested the release of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, who has been imprisoned in the United States since October 16, 2021 after being extradited from Cape Verde for alleged crimes related to money laundering.

A group of followers of the ruling party told the Venezolana de Televisión channel (VTV) their opinions in favor of the release of the Barranquillero, whose judicial process is taking place in the US and in which they are currently seeking to determine whether or not he had diplomatic status at the time of his arrest in the African nation in June 2020.

Among these opinions, the deputies of the National Assembly elected in December 2020 Jorge Luis Chirinos and William Gil gave theirs. Chirinos stressed that they concentrated thanks to a “line of struggle” assumed by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in favor of supporting Saab.

He commented that the purpose of the activity is to tell the US that what they want with Alex Saab is the destabilization of Venezuela and its institutions, since his “kidnapping” is part of their weapons to harm the country. “They have no arguments or moral conviction to make a sentence” against him.

For his part, the president of the Administration and Services Commission of the National Assembly, Alex Saab, affirmed that the Colombian “worked and works” for our people; especially in 2016 because it was he who “provided his help” to bring food to Venezuelans. He added that an agreement will be approved in support of the businessman to defend him.

He reiterated that the US does not defend human rights in the world, while in Venezuela it guarantees that the requirements to administer justice are met. “But in this case, Alex Saab has not committed any.”

Later, on the stage of the event, Camila Fabri, wife of Saab and member of the official delegation that dialogues in Mexico, made an appearance. She thanked the Venezuelans present for their support in favor of the release of her husband, as well as the leaders of the ruling party.

He stated that they have turned the 16th into a “day of struggle” and remind the US that the businessman continues to resist in prison. He added that in the evidentiary hearing of his immunity, the lawyers who defend the businessman of Colombian origin who “destroyed the madness” that they tried to impose from the Prosecutor’s Office.

Closing the event, the president of the National Assembly elected in December 2020, Jorge Rodríguez, stated that Alex Saab has been arrested for 917 days and that he is currently kidnapped by the US, for the alleged crime of wanting to help look for food, gasoline and medicines to Venezuelans.

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“Alex Saab was one of those dignified men and women who went across the planet risking their own safety and their own lives to circumvent dangerous actions like the criminal blockade established by Donald Trump. That is the only crime for which the hatred of the hyenas of the US justice system is directed at Alex (Saab). In the more than two and a half years that he has been kidnapped, they have not been able to prove a single crime in the person of Alex Saab,” Rodríguez said.

He accused the US Prosecutor’s Office of presenting as witnesses “those who tortured him and pulled his teeth in Cape Verde” and appealed to sentiment by saying that the businessman’s minor children, aged three and five, have the right to see their father again. dad.

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