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Accused of being the mastermind of the Unai massacre is sentenced to prison

The Federal Jury Court today (27) sentenced rural producer and former mayor Antério Mânica in the case of the murder of inspectors from the Ministry of Labor, in 2004, in Unaí (MG). With the decision of the jurors, the sentence of 64 years in prison was established by the court. Manica may appeal in freedom from the sentence. Accused of being the mastermind of the Unai massacre is sentenced to prison

The new trial was held this week in Belo Horizonte after the Federal Regional Court (TRF-1), based in Brasília, overturned, in 2018, the first sentence in the case, in which the farmer was sentenced to 100 years in prison, under the accusation of having been the mastermind of the crime, which was configured as a homicide against three inspectors and a driver, for clumsy reasons and without the possibility of defending the victims.

In a note, the president of the National Union of Labor Tax Auditors, Bob Machado, said that, 18 years after the deaths, the sentence means the certainty of the end of impunity.

“The conviction of Antério Manica brings relief to everyone. It is the result of hard work and struggle so that crime does not fall into oblivion and that justice is done.”, he stated.

On January 28, 2004, three labor inspectors – Erastóstenes de Almeida Gonsalves, João Batista Soares Lage and Nelson José da Silva – and the driver of the Ministry of Labor Ailton Pereira de Oliveira were murdered during a rural inspection in the municipality of Unaí. . The auditors were investigating a complaint related to the practice of work analogous to slavery. Since then, the date marks Labor Tax Auditor Day.

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