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Accredited, torture in the house of terror of Corral: prosecutor

Gustavo Castillo Garcia


Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday, December 7, 2022, p. 6

Chihuahua, Chih., The investigation folder with which the crime of torture was charged against Francisco González Arredondo, in charge of integrating the X Files during the government of PAN member Javier Corral Jurado it is robust, clear and precise; in it are poured all the elements of time, manner and placeaffirmed the head of the State Attorney General’s Office, Roberto Javier Fierro Duarte.

In interview with the day, The official referred to the evidence that proves acts of torture perpetrated between 2017 and 2021 in what was the State Government House at the time of Corral, and that the Chihuahuan society called haunted house.

Sharply, Fierro points out that the investigation folders from that period, which are known as X Files. He ratified that the prosecutor’s office will sustain the accusations against those who have evidence that they committed crimes.

–Some point out that what happened with the arrest of Francisco González could lead to the release of César Duarte. Are they related? X Files with a possible release of former Governor Duarte?

No way, and I’m going to say it categorically. One situation is that referring to a series of ill-treatment and inhumane treatment. Another, the antisocial behaviors that have been accredited to César Duarte in the investigation folders. They are totally different things.

“I will give a piece of information so that it is clear to the public: (in the X Files) there are about 246 testimonials in the different folders. And (against Francisco González) an investigation was integrated in which charges were brought against him because he overstepped his duties. It is to put order and that the people of Chihuahua know the truth, and that this does not happen again, neither in Chihuahua nor in the country.”

– It is criticized that Duarte is subject to a process for a single file and no other charges have been prosecuted.

– He was extradited for a single crime. Definitely, we must act and execute as we did at the time, as we formulated the charges against him, for which they linked him to the process and left him in necessary preventive detention by virtue of the fact that he had come from an extradition.

We must also make it very clear that we do not favor absolutely anyone. (In the case of César Duarte) we are working together with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), with the Foreign Ministry and with the US Department of State, so that it allows us to execute the other arrest warrants that we have in the 18 remaining folders. However, we cannot make any movement, in the sense of executing the arrest warrant, derived from this process that has not yet come to an end.

violation of rights

What can you say about the X Files, the complaints for human rights violations and the accusation against Francisco González?

–Regarding public servants who could be involved, there are investigation folders. Precisely the result of a request from the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), in the sense that in some interviews that were carried out there could be acts constituting illegal conduct, violations of fundamental guarantees or inhumane treatment of people. In this sense, we implemented a series of acts to integrate a folder that we consider to be completely robust, clear and precise, in which we present a person and formulate charges against him.

Now he is already subject to criminal proceedings. We are in a formal investigation stage in which they gave us three months for that integration and we hope to bring it to a successful conclusion.

– Have sufficient elements been obtained to prove human rights violations?

-Yes. Once a folder is presented, it is because there is a presumption of acts of torture and cruel treatment, in what many Chihuahuans know as the haunted house, others called it the Zarco house.

-The formulation of charges was made public because it was so requested. There are poured all the elements of time, manner and place in which these behaviors were carried out and, indeed, they were in what we know as Government House. There was a prosecutor’s office there where they interrogated people they arrested or witnesses, or subjects to whom they gave criteria of opportunity and things of this type.

They were very long interrogations, of which, according to a victim of confidentiality, she was summoned up to 40 times. It was a matter of intimidating, threatening; They did not give her food or water and sometimes they had her sitting on a chair in a little room, waiting for hours. These deals were made until she declared things as she wanted, and signed.

-There are cases in which the commission of crimes by former collaborators of César Duarte was surely proven. What will happen to those folders and the probable crimes?

–Continue; they are working. (Among the defendants) there are some linked to the process, others with house arrest, others with a bracelet.

I want to make it very clear: it is said, they were released. Nope! We do not release them. They had been in necessary preventive detention for more than four years and there is a jurisprudence that obliges us to change the precautionary measures, nothing more than that was an inheritance that they left us when we entered this government and the precautionary measures had to be changed. However, they remain linked to the process and have not been removed from the action of justice.

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