Dialogue with Bruce Mac Master is "interrupted" according to Minister Ocampo

Accountability of the Ministry of Finance: achievements, according to portfolio

The Ministry of Finance presented his accountability this Friday, in which he highlighted some of his achievements in these months of Government.

Among the points referred to by the minister José Antonio Ocampo is in the first place the tax reformalso the measures to combat the impact of inflation, as well as the increase in collection and the approval of the general budget for the next year.

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The portfolio holder stressed that the tax will allow additional income for close to $20 trillion, equivalent to 1.3% of GDP, and that “With the reform, Colombia will for the first time reach levels of tax collection slightly higher than the Latin American average.”

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Faced with inflation, he highlighted actions such as the agreement with companies in the energy sector, the plan to de-index goods and services from the minimum wage, and also sectoral measures and transfers.

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“Since mid-2021, inflation has registered an acceleration, mainly explained by food prices. However, the wholesale price index for these products has slowed down so far this year,” said Ocampo.

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