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According to Iván Almeida, in Cerro they have “envy” him for being a finalist in the Libertadores

Tacuary suffered a resounding fall against Cerro Porteño (5-0), but the flashes were taken by Iván Almeida, and this time due to a confusing episode with the Barça preference.

In this sense, the coach placed three bottles in front of the fans and folklore did the rest. The gesture did not like, nor did it go unnoticed and the expletives were in order.

“There is a whole story behind the surname. I have a final of the Libertadores and I am runner-up in America. Cerro always wanted to be and until now he couldn’t and I think that envy can come from there, ”said the young strategist in a chat with Versus radio.

Regarding the bulky result, Iván stated that his players “have been having a hard time against the big teams, it already happened to us against Libertad and yesterday with Cerro we had to go through those 15 minutes again where the team was not, and the rival was very accurate”.

He insisted that, although the 5-0 “hit” him, he does not have to hide since he raised a team that was fighting for permanence, in the lower part of the average zone.

At another point, Almeida pointed out that the call from Olimpia was “a rumor”, but if it happens, it will not be denied either. “My dream is to lead Olimpia, I am preparing for that. Which means Olimpia, three-time champion of America, World Champion. Some will have the opportunity to arrive and some of us will have to make a career, ”he said.

Finally, the son of the always remembered Ever Hugo Almeida issued a forceful warning for those who assure that his son Matías could wear the cerrista elastic. “It is not a speech. Not my son, not my son’s son. Not my son’s son’s son. No Almeida is going to put on the Cerro Porteño shirt, ”he sentenced.

The entrance According to Iván Almeida, in Cerro they have “envy” him for being a finalist in the Libertadores was first published in diary TODAY.

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