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According to a study, 95% of the peasantry blames the US and the opposition for the blockade

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According to a study, 95% of the peasantry blames the US and the opposition for the blockade

“95% of our peasant population consulted recognizes the United States government and the Venezuelan opposition as responsible for the economic and financial blockade,” declared deputy Maite García, spokeswoman for the Foundation against Farmer Hitmen.

García presented a balance of a consultation carried out with 17,913 families in the rural Venezuelan sector in relation to the blockade imposed by the United States and other powers.

The parliamentarian offered a press conference at the Human Rights School of the Ombudsman’s Office and explained that since last January the Foundation has launched the initiative “Peasants Marching Against the Blockade” with which they have traveled to more than 149 communities located in 14 states where 17,913 consultations were collected from a total of 56,906 people.

“It is important to say that our peasants have been at the forefront, organized and mobilized to present themselves to the country as a productive force,” Garcia said.

Among the consequences of this blockade are the difficulties in acquiring inputs and tools necessary for agricultural work. “23% of our respondents have manifested these perverse conditions,” the deputy clarified.

The consultations also revealed that 20% of the rural population considers that the lack of incentives for farm workers is also a product of the measures taken against Venezuela.

89% of the peasantry consulted said that President Nicolás Maduro “has made epic efforts to maintain and raise production levels,” said the deputy.

Peasant Actions

Parallel to the consultation, the Foundation has maintained a mobilization agenda that included the concentration of last September 21 in front of the headquarters in Venezuela of the United Nations Organization (UN) where they delivered a document demanding that organization make a pronouncement in relation to the blockade imposed on Venezuela.

“These measures affect the human rights of the entire Venezuelan population,” said Garcia, who stressed that the document delivered to the UN also calls for the lifting of sanctions against Venezuela.

The deputy announced that the Foundation against Farmer Sicariato continues to be deployed in permanent assemblies, consultations and seminars.

The Foundation also has two sit-ins on its agenda: one before the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and another in front of the European Union headquarters. “These instances are directly linked to the sanctions imposed on Venezuela,” Garcia said.

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