Academics demand the release of Dora María Téllez

Academics demand the release of Dora María Téllez

Academics from various countries demanded the release of the former Sandinista guerrilla Dora Maria Tellez and of all the political prisoners of the Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo regime that exceeds 200 incarcerated.

The Latin Americanists issued a letter in which they express that the political leader stands out “for her fight for democracy in Nicaragua and is widely recognized for her opposition to the Ortega Murillo dictatorship,” which she has denounced for her authoritarian drift and anti-democratic and its excessive levels of repression.

“The prison conditions in which he finds himself not only violate his human rights, they are also circumstances that risk his life: he is in an isolated cell, without communication, in permanent darkness, without medical attention, without sunbathing and with limited access to to basic food”, refers the letter.

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In recounting her political and intellectual career, the more than 70 signatories underline that the now political prisoner has a master’s degree in Nicaraguan History and was recently distinguished by the University of Bribery in Paris, which, this month, will award her a Doctorate Honoris Causa, despite being imprisoned, for her contribution to international social commitment. Likewise, she has been deserving of several distinctions from prestigious universities and academies.

Academics demand the release of Dora María Téllez
Academics demand the release of Dora María Téllez
Academics demand the release of Dora María Téllez
Academics demand the release of Dora María Téllez

Téllez, who stood out in the fight against the Somoza dictatorship, has been imprisoned for more than 420 days in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, in Managua, subjected to cruel treatment and “torture”, according to their relatives and human rights organizations.

For this reason, family members demand “the isolation regime in which he is found be suspended,” said the academics who advocated the release of Dora María Téllez and the more than 200 political prisoners of Ortega.

Academics demand the release of Dora María Téllez
Former guerrilla Dora María Téllez seen publicly for the first time on August 31, 2022 since her arbitrary arrest in June 2021. Photo: Official media.

They also supported the request to allow the entry of representatives of human rights organizations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations Commission of Independent Experts to the “El Chipote” prison, to the prisons of the Penitentiary System and to the police stations throughout the country, to ascertain the situation of political prisoners.

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Dora María Téllez was arbitrarily detained on June 13, 2021, during the hunt for opposition leaders that the regime unleashed at the gates of the illegitimate presidential elections held last November.

The founder of the Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS), currently the Democratic Renovation Union (Unamos), was sentenced to eight years in prison for the alleged crime of conspiracy to undermine national integrity.

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