About to close sessions, the PAN adds a PVEM deputy to its ranks

About to close sessions, the PAN adds a PVEM deputy to its ranks

The PAN and Movimiento Ciudadano approached Gamiño, but she ended her duties when the deputy owner returned.

Today, in a Twitter message, Gamiño denounced that she was pressured to decide which parliamentary group she would join or cease to be a deputy.

“It is sad to know that once again partisan interests win, now I receive the news that if I do not join a parliamentary group I will stop being a deputy.”

“Not selling me out is the real reason for being removed from this legislature. They cannot pressure me to do something with which I do not agree and if the price now is to stop being a citizen representative, do what you want with your seat, from the trench in which I find myself I will continue building, for the environment and with civil society”.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the PAN caucuses, Jorge Romero Herrera, welcomed the former veteran.

“In National Action the doors are not closed to those who share their loyalty to Mexico, and seek the well-being of Mexican families, that is why the invitation was extended to Deputy Núñez, who has shown work and courage in favor of the Mexicans,” he declared.



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