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Valentine jumps into the void

Now that there is so much talk about patriotism and the danger that massive illegal immigration from the west side of the island represents for the Dominican nationality, it would be opportune to rescue, beginning in schools, the value of patriotic symbols from oblivion and rigorously observe their use. , specifically when it comes to the flag. For years, I have drawn attention to the widespread practice of using different shades on the blue dials of the national insignia that do not correspond to the actual color of the flag, especially that which the Americans call “navy blue”, and not blue. overseas established in the law that regulates its use.

In this effort, I wrote a few years ago to the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, when I observed that flags with different shades of blue were raised there, one next to the other, as could also be seen on the same day in the City Hall and the seat of the judiciary. None of the letters, which I personally delivered to the Congress headquarters, received a response. I have also written a dozen articles on the case and neither the Duartiano Institute, nor the Academy of History, of which I am a member, have been interested in the subject.

The fact is that if we do not respect our symbols, starting with the most important, which is the flag, any exhibition of patriotism falls into the realm of hypocrisy and there will be no possibility that the feeling of identification with the values ​​that represent and constitute the essence of our nationality takes root in the mind and soul of future generations. I don’t think there are a thousand of us capable of knowing all the stanzas of the National Anthem, nothing strange if we don’t know the blue of the flag well. There were times when we shuddered in school when we heard the notes of our singing. Today I very much doubt that emotion exists on our campuses.

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