Cerca de 65 mil personas asistieron al Festival Retumba Caracas 2022 en Plaza Venezuela

About 65 thousand people attended the Retumba Caracas 2022 Festival in Plaza Venezuela

Nearly 65,000 people attended the Retumba Caracas 2022 Festival in Plaza Venezuela, where only 80% of those present were women, highlighted the head of government, Nahum Fernandez.

“We will meet with the chief admiral, Carmen Meléndez, on Saturday, December 31 in Bolívar Square to receive the new year,” said Fernández from the stage located in the Rental Zone.

He thanked the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, who approved the resources to make the six concerts possible. “In Antímano it was one of the great concerts, also an event that we held for the salsa people in the parish of 23 de Enero”.

He thanked the people of Caracas who attended the El Valle parish to see the artists Gustavo Elis, Aran One, Sixto Rein, Norex and La Melodía Perfecta along with the El Paraíso parish where Neutro Shorty and Jeiph were.

The event is promoted by the government of Caracas and the mayor’s office of the Libertador municipality, where international artists of the Vallenato musical genre were present on that occasion.

More than 360 officials are deployed to guarantee security during Christmas concerts, which have been scheduled in the capital city.



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