Abinader visits the affected area in San Rafael del Yuma

Abinader visits the affected area in San Rafael del Yuma

San Rafael del Yuma. – President Luis Abinader visited the municipality of San Rafael del Yuma in La Altagracia province this Saturday, one of the most affected in proportional terms after the passage of Hurricane Fiona.

Meeting at the City Hall of this community together with ministers and local authorities, the president instructed to continue reinforcing aid through the Social Assistance Plan and the Social Policy Cabinet to bring more food and household items to those who need them.

“I want to continue working in a coordinated manner with all the institutions, such as MIVED, Customs and Agriculture, and we are going to announce another aid package for agriculture to make it as efficient as possible.”

In the report of the damage recorded in San Rafael del Yuma and surrounding areas, 1,703 homes are recorded to be completely rebuilt, another 1,203 homes partially impacted and 500 almost completely destroyed.

Some of these homes are close to vulnerable places, such as the banks of rivers, to which the president urged the community to build their homes in safer areas for themselves and their families and avoid future similar situations.

“That is why the land use and land use planning law must be approved urgently, so that the municipalities themselves do not allow construction in vulnerable places.”

Likewise, 950 people were mobilized to relatives’ houses, there are four isolated highways and a considerable loss of lamps on the roads.

Grants delivered

Among the aid received, the director of Infotep, Rafael Santos Badía, gave a contribution of five million pesos to the municipality of San Rafael del Yuma, where 1,184 food rations were also delivered.

Another 600 rations were distributed in Boca de Yuma and 5 thousand loaves in Verón.

In total, Infotep has delivered some 80,000 food rations in the province of La Altagracia and some 30,000 loaves of bread in the eastern region, these being cooked in its own facilities.

In terms of agriculture, Minister Limber Cruz specified that 7,000 earthworks were affected in this area and that a total of 600 quintals of black beans, vegetable seeds, 50 quintals of high-density corn seeds, performance and four tractors, while another five will be delivered in the coming days.

Also participating were the senator of the province, Virgilio Cedano; the Minister of Housing, Carlos Bonilla; the director of INESPRE, Iván Hernández; the mayor of Boca de Yuma, Vinicio Eusebio, among other local authorities.

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