Abinader inaugura escuela en Monte Plata con inversión de $32 MM

Abinader opens a school in Monte Plata with an investment of $32 million

Mount Silver. – President Luis Abinader inaugurated this Sunday the Melania Manzueta school in the Mata de Plátanos sector, municipality of Peralvillo, with an investment of RD$32 million pesos which will benefit students from the initial, basic and intermediate levels.

Speaking at this event, the Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández said that the central government is responding to the expansion of enrollment at the national level with the construction of this new school.

He highlighted the vocation of President Abinader to satisfy the need for classrooms in the national territory.

The campus will benefit the communities of La Recta, Lambedera del Pico, Mata de Plátano Arriba and Mata de Plátano Abajo.

Abinader opens a school in Monte Plata with an investment of $32 million 2

In addition, the educational center will have nine classrooms, a field, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, administrative area, a classroom for initial, three civic areas, perimeter area, library and Teachers’ Lounge.

With the construction of the study house, the municipalities received the encache and closure of a ravine that was located in the vicinity of the school, as well as the channeling of a concrete pipe and drinking water.

President Abinader In First You in Peralvillo

Likewise, the president visited the “First You” Social Inclusion Conference carried out by the Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (PROPEEP), which will benefit more than 2,000 people.

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Speaking a few words on day 45, the president said that this work is carried out with the aim of serving and helping the most vulnerable and those who need it most.

“The money from this government is for the Dominican men and women who need it most,” said President Abinader.

This conference was held at the La Placeta Educational Center in the municipality of Peralvillo.

President supervises delivery of Get Over Yourself cards in Peralvillo

The president participated in the Supérate event, and supervised the delivery of 1,300 cards.

In this activity, new cards with amounts of 1,650 pesos were granted to residents of Peralvillo.

In total, it seeks to impact 43 thousand people in Monte Plata. The activity took place at the Raúl Matos Educational Center.

Speaking a few words, the president said that this government has doubled the amount and number of people for social assistance.

He specified that this work is aimed at families who need it most and who need the support of the Government.

During the act, the head of state greeted hundreds of people who were in the place.

President Abinader was accompanied by the Vice Minister of Social and Community Management, Juan Garrigó; the director of the Airport Department, Víctor Pichardo; the Governor for the province of Monte Plata, Rafaela Javier Gomera; the mayor of Peralvillo, Juan Francisco Manzueta; the deputies for the province of Monte Plata, Pedro Tineo and Román De Jesús. Also, the director of the educational center, Quelvin Batista Tineo and the Regional Director, Buenaventura De La Cruz.

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Abinader opens a school in Monte Plata with an investment of $32 million

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