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Abinader on Virgen de la Altagracia: “She is our mother”

Abinader on Virgen de la Altagracia: "She is our mother"

Santo Domingo. – President Luis Abinader presided this Monday at the Puerta del Conde the acts for the centenary of the Coronation Canonical of the Virgin Our Lady of Altagracia, whom he asked to continue protecting the Dominican people.

“She is our mother and as such intercedes before God to favor her children,” said the president.

The president to speak said that in the Puerta del Conde, a historic place and on a day like today, one hundred years ago, the Virgin of Altagracia was crowned with a crown made by notable goldsmiths with garments donated by devout citizens.

“That devotion of yesterday is the same today; because we Dominicans remember how the Virgin of Altagracia has been and will continue to be our Protector throughout the centuries. Here in this land of ours, as in no other, the mandate of Jesus on the Cross is fulfilled when he said “son, here is your mother”, explained the Head of State.

The president accompanied by the vice president Raquel Peña, the first lady Raquel Arbaje, the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía and the Administrative Minister of the PresidencyJosé Ignacio Paliza, deposited a floral offering in honor of the protective mother of all Dominicans.

He also made a brief review of what history collects where the devotion began, and recalled that on January 21, 1691, Spanish troops under the command of Governor Francisco Segura Sandoval defeated French forces in the battle of Sabana Real de la Limonada.

“It is said that the lancers from Salvaleón de Higüey and Santa Cruz de El Seibo promised María de la Altagracia that if they came out of the battle alive, their name would be known and venerated throughout the island. They got the favor and fulfilled the promise. Today there is no corner of this earth where this holy name is not known”, narrated President Abinader.

The religious ceremony dedicated to the coronation of the Virgin Our Lady of Altagracia, was officiated by Monsignor Edgar Peña Parra, Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretary of State and special envoy of Pope Francis to the country.

The Canonical Coronation of the Virgin Our Lady of Altagracia, was carried out by Pope Pius XI in 1922.

The mayor of the National District declared this Monday as “Municipal Rejoicing Day” for the presence of the image of the Virgen de la Altagracia in the National District.

For his part, Monsignor Francisco Ozoria Acosta, Archbishop of Santo Domingo, proceeded with the invocation of the Virgin before the Altar of the Fatherland, where the Protector of the Dominican People was crowned 100 years ago, and asked her to listen to the prayers of the Dominican people and protect with your High Grace.

A golden rose for our Protecting Mother

Pope Francis sent a golden rose as a gift to Our Lady of Altagracia for the 100th anniversary of her coronation, which was brought by the hand of Monsignor Peña Parra, who later showed it to the head of state before taking it to the Sanctuary. of the Virgin.

In addition, he recalled that Pope John Paul II came as a pilgrim to these lands on January 25, 1979 and crowned Our Lady of Altagracia with a diadem.

On behalf of the Catholic Church, Monsignors Edgar Peña Parra special envoy of Pope Francis were present; Francisco Ozoria Archbishop of Santo Domingo; José Dolores Grullón, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of San Juan; Raúl Berzosa, from the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo; the parish priest Octavio Cisnero; Amable Durán, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo and Lorenzo Vargas Episcopal Vicar of Santo Cristo de Los Milagros, among other ecclesiastical members.

President Luis Abinader was accompanied by ministers José Ignacio Paliza, administrative officer of the Presidency; Ángel Hernández of Education; Deligne Ascension Burgos of Public Works; Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa of Defense; Carolina Mejía, mayor of the National District.

Also present were Alfredo Pacheco, president of the Chamber of Deputies; Eduardo Estrella President of the Senate; Milton Rey Guevara, President of the Constitutional Court; Roman Jáquez Liranzo of the JCE.

Like Judge María Garabitos representing the Judiciary; Kelvin Cruz of Fedomu; Manuel D’Aza of the Dominican Municipal League and Juan Pablo Uribe of the Permanent Commission of National Ephemeris.

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