Abinader inaugurates works in PP for RD$520 million

Puerto Plata.- With an investment of more than RD$520 million pesos, President Luis Abinader inaugurated this Thursday the Altamira-Rio Grande highway, the Las Canas bridge, in the municipality of Imbert, and the repowering of the San Marcos electrical substation, of this province.

Of this investment, RD$377 million pesos correspond to the road that connects the municipality of Altamira with the Municipal District of Río Grande. This project, about 20 kilometers long, directly benefits the more than 30,000 inhabitants that make up the geographical environment of these two communities.

Similarly, the Las Canas bridge was executed with an amount of RD$57 million pesos, which guarantees communication between dozens of productive rural livestock and agricultural product communities, affected for years by the absence of vital infrastructure for the regional development.

Meanwhile, the repowering of the San Marcos substation, in which a 20-30 MVA power transformer was changed, entailed an investment of some RD$86 million pesos.

These works have a vital impact for the inhabitants of these communities and the rural environment in one of the most important livestock areas of the country, which the inhabitants of this region have been claiming for years.

Altamira-Rio Grande Highway

The Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, announced that RD$170 million pesos have been made available for the construction of sidewalks and embankments in the municipalities and municipal districts of this province. In addition, a motorized pedestrian bridge will be built in Altamira.

Abinader inaugurates works in PP for RD$520 million 4

He reported that the works carried out on this highway include the placement of the base and sub-base, the priming, the total paving of the road with a width of 7.20 meters, consisting of two lanes in opposite directions, each 3.5 meters wide, and the construction of sidewalks and containments, gabion walls, to protect the slope and the corresponding drains and sewers were established.

He stressed that the Government is developing numerous projects in the province of Puerto Plata to repair bridges, highways, paving, construction of sidewalks, curbs, and is working to improve the infrastructure of the province with works of the importance of the Gregorio Luperón tourist highway, rebuilt in its entirety during this administration.

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Also, the recently inaugurated highway La Gran Parada-Copey; a few months ago the installations of the 9-1-1 System; the current repair being carried out on the Cangrejo Bridge; the repair of the Santiago-Navarrete section that connects with the traditional communication route between Santiago and Puerto Plata; the bridge over the river Jácuba; the Villa Elisa-Punta Rucia highway, among other works of vital importance for the development of this wonderful region.

For his part, the mayor of the municipality of Altamira, Adalberto Ramírez, thanked this work and said that President Abinader’s visit to this area means a solution and fills with hope because it is an ethical and moral government that makes him proud and motivates him to be an active part. and dynamics of it.

The mayor reported that the President Abinader authorized the delivery of an ambulance for the municipality of Altamira for the next few days.

In the same way, the mayor of Río Grande, Sixto Silverio, appreciated that the president will take this community into account to provide them with a decent access route as the population deserves and congratulated him on the large number of works that he has delivered in just two years of management.

Rosa Julia Parra spoke on behalf of the community members, who thanked President Abinader for this work. The blessing of the act was in charge of the parish priest of San José de Altamira, Nelson Rafael Núñez Cruz.

President Luis Abinader inaugurated the Las Canas bridge in Puerto Plata.
President Luis Abinader inaugurated the Las Canas bridge in Puerto Plata.

Las Canas Bridge

This work has been structured with combined concrete and steel beams, with a length of 23 meters and a width of 10.25 meters.

The Minister of Public Works, Deligne Ascención, indicated that the repair of this bridge, which had collapsed in 2016 due to heavy rains that affected various infrastructures in the northern region, is not an isolated case of the importance that the government of the President Abinader to this area of ​​the country.

Similarly, the senator from Puerto Plata, Ginnette Bournigal, said that President Abinader governs with a concept of democracy and faces the needs of the population.

Antonio Espinal spoke on behalf of the community and thanked the president for the delivery of this work claimed for years and said that on behalf of the community the president is declared a meritorious son.

substation in PP
Abinader inaugurates works in PP for RD$520 million 5
San Marcos electrical substation

During the inauguration ceremony of the substation, the general manager of Edenorte Dominicana, Andrés Cueto, highlighted that this repowering benefits 21,000, 123 families in this province and that it will help to eliminate voltage fluctuations in the hotel, residential and business sectors.

In addition to this, Cueto indicated that during the two years of President Abinader’s government in the province, more than 89 works have been carried out with an investment of RD$312 million pesos.

More than 130 thousand beneficiaries in Jornada Primero Tú

Earlier, the president led the 51st “First You” social inclusion day that the Government executes through the General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (Propeep), in favor of people in conditions of vulnerability.

To date around 130 thousand people have benefited throughout the country with these sessions. More than 2,000 people received care today.

In the activity, held at the Nepomuceno Ravelo primary school, in the municipality of Imbert, the head of state stated that the government is doubling social aid so that it reaches those who need it most.

Deliver 387 cards Supérate

During the ceremony, President Abinader, accompanied by the deputy director general of Supérate, Waili Lewis Mejía, began the delivery of 387 family aid vouchers as part of the First You event.

The president symbolically delivered the bonus to Luz Bertina Cortez de Rondón, Victoriano Silverio Bonilla and Gregoria Henríquez and ordered the delivery of two solidarity pensions to the brothers Anastacio and Enrique Castillo, both adults over 98 and 95 years old, respectively.

The President was accompanied in the activities by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza; the governor of Puerto Plata, Claritza Rochette; the mayor, Diómedes Roque García Núñez (Roquelito); the Administrative and Financial Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez; the mayor of the municipality of Imbert, María Elena Ramos and Deputy Juan Medina.

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