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Abinader assures the DR would not be part of the military intervention force in Haiti

Presidente Abinader asegura RD no formaría parte de una fuerza militar de intervención en Haití

Dajabón.- The president Louis Abinader assured this Sunday that in the event of materializing a intervention in Haitithe Dominican Republic would not be part of a military force and that the support it would give would be from the diplomatic point of view.

The president also warned that in no way will he accept any settlement in the country, even due to a humanitarian situation, indicating that this can be done in the same Haitian territory.

«For a year we have carried out diplomatic actions, since September of last year when in my speech before the United Nations Organization I said that the only way to bring peace to Haiti was with an international force that would help the Haitian police, but that what he supported to carry the pacification of that country, “he recalled.

The president expressed that many thought it was an excess at that time and that it is unfortunate that a year has passed after many situations and tragedies, especially for the poor Haitian people who are suffering.

President Abinader spoke in these terms when leading a press conference in this province.

RD will only give diplomatic support

“I hope that the international community and we will act as much as possible. Obviously never intervening in any force that is going to pacify that country because we are not going to intervene. But if from the diplomatic point of view. I believe that we have achieved a great advance and today the international community is truly concerned about this situation », he stated.

He insisted that he will continue to make diplomatic efforts as the country has been doing.

Regarding the request for intervention made by the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, he considered that it is a sensible, logical and patriotic request from the Haitian government to request support from the international community to face the humanitarian crisis that country is experiencing.

“In the event that the UN does intervene, 70% right now is controlled in the territory by gangs. Especially in the south and the other 30% do not, they can perfectly make special protection zones in Haiti », he expressed.

He added that in the event that there is a peaceful intervention in Haiti in the first stage, he indicated that the government would close and block the border.

“Just as we are not going to act in a military way. It is very dangerous for Dominican integrity for us to receive asylums here in the country. I do not allow that in any way, that is very dangerous and the greatest humanitarian assistance that we are giving Haitians is our diplomatic assistance so that they protect the poor people of Haiti who are suffering”, he emphasized.

Will not accept any settlement

He also highlighted the fact that many Haitians who live in the country and others who arrive are treated in Dominican hospitals.

“No country can give more humanitarian aid, I don’t know any country has given it, as we have given it to Haiti, but I will in no way accept any settlement here, even because of the humanitarian situation there,” Abinader said.

He said he hoped that if there is some level of special force, there would be no need for settlements in the country because they would do it in Haiti itself.

The head of state indicated that until June of this year there was no real concern like the one that exists now on the Haitian issue and migration.

He explained that there is already this awareness and proof of this is the last meeting of the UN Security Council, where they are already willing to organize themselves and is sufficiently active and concerned about the Haitian problem, which he said is already a regional issue.

For the first time, he said, CARICOM and the Dominican Republic are acting with unity of criteria on the Haitian issue, when traditionally there were only differences on this aspect.

Take a tour of the smart border fence

Subsequently, President Abinader made a tour to supervise the progress of the work on the intelligent border fence.

During the tour, the director of plans and operations of the Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General Rafael Antonio Nuñez Veloz, offered explanations about the progress in the construction of this fence.

“This stage contemplates 54 kilometers of physical fence, some 20 watchtowers, some 11 access gates to allow security patrolling both in the western part of the fence and also 54 kilometers of road that will allow traffic and be able to obtain a response of no more than 5 or 6 minutes in the places where the technological means detect an event”, explained Brigadier General Núñez Veloz.

In addition, he indicated that some 2,000 kilometers of physical fence have already been built in pyramid 18.

The director of plans and operations of the Ministry of Defense also explained about the section of the border in the province of Elías Piña.

“In Elías Piña there is a section that is section 2, this includes both a tower and a gate that are 4 with about four kilometers in length, currently the land is prepared, already filled in and broken down, which has to do with the trenching and raising the fence” , said.

He also spoke about the works in Jimaní, where he said there are about 17 kilometers, which are divided into three sections.

He specified that in general there are 54 kilometers of physical fence, 20 watchtowers, 11 gates and 54 kilometers of road.

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