President Luis Abinader addresses the more than 3,000 young students who completed the Values ​​Training Program of the Ministry of Defense (MIDE.)

Abinader advocates for voluntary military service in schools

President Luis Abinader affirmed that he will work so that the Ministry of Education implement voluntary military service in the educational establishments of the country, by leading the graduation ceremony of the thirty-first graduation of 3,349 young students who completed the Values ​​Training Program of the Ministry of Defense (MIDE).

He said that the initiative directed by General Justo Martín Almilcar Fernández, director of the General Directorate of Voluntary Military Service (SMV), would be carried out in those private schools that require it, clarifying that it will not be mandatory.

“I am going to personally deal with this because these young people, you are the example of the values ​​in young people, you are the biggest barrier so that other young people do not fall into delinquency but that they do not go to vice either,” the president pointed out.

He added “that barrier is insurance of moral discipline…we have to build that base, that footing with this program, therefore we are going to work together with the different institutions.”

President Luis Abinader addresses the more than 3,000 young students who completed the Values ​​Training Program of the Ministry of Defense (MIDE.)

He assured that the combination of education in the family and values ​​will guarantee the success of “you in any area that you decide to have success and success of you the success of the Republic”.

He argued that with this initiative the government reaffirms its commitment to continue supporting the development of young people through the creation of job opportunities, based on discipline and values.

He also highlighted the signing of the skill employment program, signed between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Labor, which will benefit youth between the ages of 18 and 39, especially those who participate in the SMV program.

He observed that the collaboration between different State agencies “should be the usual norm in the behavior of any government and of a consolidated democracy, but for too long this did not happen, and each one managed their plot without looking at what was happening around them. , without a country vision, without a strategic plan”.

Abinader affirmed “when the government has a clear idea of ​​the country, knows what its objectives are and sets the priorities, it occurs naturally. And we can see that here today, the collaboration between two ministries that are clear about what the objective is: employment”.

The graduates were instructed in prevention of controlled substances, anti-gangs, sexually transmitted diseases, domestic violence, natural disasters, care for the environment and natural resources. They also received fundamentals of morality and civics, courtesy and military discipline, national values ​​and symbols, health, first aid and road safety, among other disciplines.

Brigadier General Justo Amílcar Fernández Tejada, general director of the SMV, recalled that the program was created in 2001, by then President Hipólito Mejía.

He affirmed that there are already 62,499 young graduates, of which 53% belong to the female gender and 47% to the male “and they are a source from which the different military and police academies are nourished by their performance, which contributes to the training received in this program”.

Leslie Yanderi Santana Melo, from La Romana, and three distinguished regional graduates, who received a Laptop for obtaining the highest grades at the national and regional levels, respectively, were awarded as “Honor Graduate”. Likewise, the graduates of the 59 participating educational centers that obtained the best grades received an electronic tablet as a prize and encouragement for the effort made.

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In addition, a posthumous award was given to Ms. Renée Klang de Guzmán, who honors the XXXI Promotion with her name, for her exemplary career and dedication to service.

Recognition was also given to former president, Hipólito Mejía Domínguez, for having created the Voluntary Military Service during his mandate.

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